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Editors Note: Two items came in regardig the Flex Alert in Northern California: FLEX ALERT : Northern California - ONLY - Flex Alert issued by California ISO as heat wave intensifies With hot temperatures bearing down on Northern California and with a major generation unit off line, the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) is issuing a [...]

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Being Retired.

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(Image above: San Onofre, awnisALAN, courtesy Wikipedia Commons) After 16 months of fighting, Southern California Edison has announced it plans to permanently retire Units 2 and 3 of its San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). “SONGS has served this region for over 40 years,” said Ted Craver, Chairman and CEO of Edison International, parent company of SCE, “but we [...]

State’s Energy Policy Update Goes to Governor, Legislature

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(The article below is a February 28, 2013, press release from the California Energy Commission; The California Energy Commission has approved the 2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) Update, adding recent information to the state's main energy planning document. Every two years, the California Energy Commission prepares an IEPR that forecasts energy supply and demand [...]